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XXIV International Gnostic Congress of Anthropology

Manzanillo, Colima , México

Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, will host the XXIV International Gnostic Congress with the aim of strengthening Gnostic teaching and nurturing the spirit of its participants.

We extend a warm welcome and invite all Gnostic students and enthusiast of these teachings to this vibrant city to not only coexist, but the share work in name of the Christ that will help radiate light, love, and harmony over humanity.

Attached you will find the latest period release of information over the Congress.

An International Congress is a magnanimous event that excellences our Gnostic Institute of Anthropology.

Attendance of these events allows one to experience a true mystical agape that nourishes the soul and conscience. They are magically prepared celebrations from our Masters prepared in the superior worlds, for the good of the Gnostic people and our grieving humanity.

These gatherings are great cosmic events full of Christic energy that disseminates and summons the fraternity of Gnostic students to share and coexist.

In a lecture from the honorable V.M. Litelantes, she said:

“…you, Gnostic students, do not understand what a Cosmic Event like this is. I hope one day you come to understand what a Congress is, but, even without understanding, attend the Congresses”.

Interview with Mr. Osiris at the 2004 Mexico City Congress.

What is the transcendence of the International Gnostic Congresses?

"They are important, because they generate a global coexistence, of all the Gnostic brothers. In reality, we gather, talk, get to know one other, and receive the mystical strength during the congress.

The Venerable Masters, Samael and Litelantes along with the assistance of the White Lodge strengthen and provide spiritual assistance, and help solidify the base of knowledge, especially in the places where the Congress is held.

The congresses of IGA were established by V.M. Samael to strengthen the Gnostic people, and the V.M. Litelantes, continued with these events giving them great relevance. I consider this work necessary for all Gnostic students to understand that the congresses are not mere meetings of a social nature, but are part of the strategy that the Venerable Masters of the White Lodge have established for the good of all humanity.